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Welcome to Good Morning Muse: 21 Days To Your High Vibe Self

“If you want to be in shape, you exercise regularly. If you want to be clean, you shower everyday. And if you want to be at your best mentally and emotionally, you will work on yourself every day.”

We know it takes 21 days to form a new habit.

The reason is that when you change your habits to support the success you want, your brain is able to form new neural pathways and make it easier to commit and sustain this change.

My life changed a few years ago when I was in the rut of all ruts, I hated my job, I felt stuck and trapped in the life I created, and I had zero self-love. I never felt good enough. Looking back now, I realized that my ‘not feeling good enough’ was a projection and reflection of how I was living my life and my perception of my reality.

My apartment wasn’t ‘good enough’ my clothes, my looks, everything….I was too busy comparing myself to what I saw on instagram to feel grateful for what was going on in my own life.

But when I shifted my morning routine, and started looking at what I did have everything changed. Suddenly I saw all the natural gifts that I do have, and found a way to turn that into a life and business I’m obsessed with.

Over the next month, you’ll get access to some of my favorite resources that will help you shift the way you look at yourself, open yourself up to new and exciting opportunities and this month is all about being your most productive self.

Expecting your world to change without making any internal changes is a thing of the past. We now know that your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world.

Dedicate 15-20 minutes to yourself every day, and follow the exercises in the emails you receive, to see huge differences in your emotions, physiology, and the opportunities you can create for yourself.

Dedicate this time to yourself, treat yourself like the goddess you are and put your mindset and the way you look at yourself as a high priority- make it happen.

Day 1: Set Your Intention For The Month And Visualize

“Busyness is not a reason for not getting other things done. It is an excuse for not claiming your true priorities.”  ― Alan Cohen

Your YES Challenge

Set Your Intention For The Month And Visualize How Amazing Your Life Will Be On The Last Day Of This Month

Everything in this earth is energy, and whatever energy you are putting out to the human around you is what you will get back from every area of nature and the universe and it’s matter.

So what energy are you putting out? Is it that of love and generosity. Because when you do that becomes your universe and that’s what you get right back.

So this month is about getting and keeping you in the high vibe. Everyday you’ll get a tool or ritual to keep you in the highest vibe state to raise your spirits and attract whatever you want.

So set your intentions for the month:

I intend to have

I intend to be

I intend to do..

… By the last day of this month

Your Daily Mantra

I entirely love and accept myself.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 2: Muscle Testing To Discover Your Money Beliefs

You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection. ― Buddha

Your YES Challenge

Muscle Testing To Discover Your Beliefs About Being Of The HIGHEST Vibe

Have you ever noticed that kids are of the HIGHEST vibe. They can just be in a regular old room, but somehow it becomes a fortress, a game, a reason for fun.

But as you move through life, society often teaches us that we need a ‘reason’ to be happy. Like straight A’s or getting a certain job, but really you can be happy now.

Of course you have big dreams, of course you want to accomplish them- but no one said it had to be boring. No one said it had to be dry. Where did you come up with that belief.

What if in your job, or business you looked for ways to be fun and creative so you learnt one thing something new about yourself everyday? What if you saw it as a game, and instead of fearing failure, you jumped into the next steps with an excitement of a game you know you can 100% win?

Every decision, that you’re worried about maybe going wrong, is dependant on other humans.

Humans have emotions- and outcomes can shift! Nothing is set in stone. You can talk to them, make a deal, find a win-win- every situation is negotiable. Anything can have a win-win outcome. YOU can always change the outcome by changing your state.

One thing I’ve learned is the more fun I have, the more success I see. The more I create what I wish existed instead of ‘shoulds’ the more I create success and fulfillment.

So if you’re of the past belief that you can’t be happy until you do this, or do that then that is a false belief.

You can be happy now, and because of that high vibe and happiness your energy will attract even more reasons to be happy! Opportunities, friendships, people, money and whatever you intend to manifest!

Let’s do a muscle testing technique to discover and uncover if you believe that you are enough, and able to be happy just cause.

Because you ARE enough, my love.

If you’re doing affirmations, journaling, every single day, yet you’re finding your habits haven’t yet shifted, or you can’t seem to kick that thing that allows you to keep self-sabotaging, it’s time to talk to your subconscious mind and find out what your TRUE deep-down beliefs are.

Your subconscious mind holds the key to what your real beliefs are, and one of the best ways to determine what they are is through muscle testing.

Your body has natural energy (or electrical) systems running through it at every moment.

You can use these systems to test your subconscious beliefs that you might not be aware of.

Even if you think you have switched a subconscious belief, you may have not and muscle testing is a great way to get to the root of it.

If you say a belief that is a truth to you (like, for example, that you are the age you are) The neurons don’t change when it’s something you believe.

When you say something you no longer believe, or is a lie to you, (like, for example you are 10 years old)  it’s something you don’t believe, so your brain short-circuits in a way, and sends your body in a backwards direction. It’s almost as if you fall for a brief moment.

Once you calibrate to know how your body responds to certain statements, you can muscle test to see your deep-down beliefs.

This video explains how you can do this:

Learn the muscle testing technique in the attached video, and use it to test these beliefs:

  • I believe that I can attract be happy in my life
  • I believe that I am in control of my own emotions
  • No one else can make me feel less than high vibe
  • I truly deserve to be happy
  • My life has serious meaning and I can make an impact
  • I believe that people in my life want to make me happy
  • I believe that I am supported by the universe and all that can make me happy is coming to be
  • I can handle anything that comes my way with grace and positive vibes


Every time you have a thought, your mind sends an electrical current through your body. You can use this, in a method called “Muscle testing” to get clarity on which direction your subconscious mind (your most powerful tool) is currently pushing you.

You can ask yourself any questions you want to know about yourself. Once you understand what these beliefs are, make sure to journal out the equal and opposite declaration and repeat positive beliefs that serve you instead.

For example:

I CAN be truly happy

People Love to support me

I am truly deserving of being happy!


Keep journalling the positive affirmations in your daily journaling until you feel like the idea has imprinted on you.

Your Daily Mantra

I am of the highest vibe and I attract only positive situations, opportunities and people into my life.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 3: Finding Your Reasons for Being Happier and More High Vibe In Your Every Day

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” – Omar Khayyam

Your YES Challenge

Your whole life, you may have been told that everything that happens to you is a coincidence and that you are at the effect of your environment.

But that is untrue. The truth is. You create your environment, you are in complete control of your actions, feelings and mood. YOU are the reason for the energy you are vibrating and resonating at.

When you listen to the thoughts that are currently going through your mind that are causing ALL of your actions, then you can get insight into what you’re meant to do next.

When you have a REASON to start attracting more money, you will begin to create that momentum of it coming towards you.

Write the answer in your journal.

Go inside, and ask yourself, what would be the benefit to you if you were happier  in your life?

Also, ask yourself, what is the benefit of being in control of your emotions, and letting your energy and vibe change from this inside out?

What would be the benefit and impact on the world and others if you embraced the joy in beauty in your every day, you went into every single circumstance expecting the best case scenario, and you remembered that being happy attracts more happiness?

Meditate and reflect on this during your week.

Let go of areas where you may reject happiness, or choose misery over joy.

You’re meant to change the world and shine your brightest light. YOU are meant to make a difference and you have complete control over what comes into your life. You can COMPLETELY create what you want, and you can do it all with fun and flow.

You are allowed to be happy- just cause. You were born happy, joyful, and abundant and when you remember that about yourself and shine your god-given light, you will be so attractive and energetic for everyone else and everything else that every opportunity you dream of will appear.

And when you switch the dialogue to being happy, you become an energetic match to that and you attract more good, positive experiences into your life.

You were wired for abundance. You were meant to have anything you want. It is good and safe for you to have everything you want, and when you have, you can more completely give and inspire others to live their best life.

Your Daily Mantra

It is easy for me to be happy, and good things come into my life daily.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 4: Gratitude List

“Play is an expression of who you are. You are every ounce of your energy and you move it through your body by being the highest vibrations of joy and from loving life. The benefit to you is that if you act like you’re having fun for long enough and you let that energy run through your body, you’re awakening the magnificence and abundance within.” – Christie Marie Sheldon

Your YES Challenge

Raise Your Vibration With Gratitude

Gratitude shifted so many things in my life. I would not have been able to create everything I have created from a place of lack, or ungratefulness.

Gratitude instantly raises your vibration, and puts you into super attractor mode!

In order to build  myself up enough to create the brand that is yes supply, and the life I have created, I had to start seeing the silver lining, even when I was working in a job that I was over, and I was tired, frustrated, and confused.

I had to look at everything I had overcome, and saw myself as accomplished instead of struggling. I had to look at my space, and learn how to make the most of it, and make it the best space I could. I had to look at my current wardrobe, and make the best most unique outfits from what I had, instead of continuing to complain about having nothing to wear.

Because the universe knows not to give you more until you can appreciate what you have. You will not be able to afford the new dream car, if your current car looks like a garbage bin. You will not be able to grow your audience bigger, if you treat your current audience like crap. And you will not grow, if you only kick yourself back down into the dirt.

It all starts with finding joy in where you currently are.

So when I started to see the job I was at, instead of looking at it as an inconvenience, seeing as the perfect launch pad for me to learn, and perfect the skills I knew I would need as I moved into a leadership role in my own business. I looked at team building and speaking up at work as a training pad for building my own team and speaking up to an audience of millions.

See where you are as your launch pad, as your strong foundation. You’ll go far, babe.

Grab your journal and write a gratitude list. You should be SO SO proud of yourself for the work you’re doing.

Also, whatever vibrations you are putting out, you create into your future. Meaning if you are in the vibration of having ‘more than enough’ and feeling grateful, you will attract more of this into your life.

You MUST be the vibe of what you already want.

If you want to be successful, choose to be in the feeling, and energy of success.

Once you get started, you may notice you have so many things going for you, and so many opportunities at your fingertips once you move into a place of gratefulness.

Journal out what you are grateful for today.

What are you grateful for in your relationships?

What are you grateful for in your money?

What are you grateful for in your happiness?

What are you grateful in business/career?

Where in your finances can you be grateful?

Where can you be grateful for the opportunities around you to create more money?

Where have you cultivated this in your life since this started so you can be proud of yourself?

Your Daily Mantra

Only positive activities and opportunities manifest themselves into my life.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 5: Create More Good and Create Space

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.” –  Thich Nhat Hanh

Your YES Challenge

Want to see an increase in your opportunities, positive supportive people in your life, or living happy go lucky?

The world is your LITERAL oyster babe. Ask for what you want, and it will appear. Speak exactly what you want into existence and cut out what you don’t want so you can create that space for it to manifest.

Often people can be so focused on the LACK that they don’t even realize what they could do if they just took action with the opportunities right in front of them.

You are talented, smart, experienced, and you know more, can do more, and can make someone else’s life easier with your natural born skills.

So if you want more fun, happiness and joy in your life, be aware that you can EASILY create it, and it can be fun.

So take 5 minutes and just ask:

What would it take for me to create more happiness in my life?

What is the ONE thing, that if it changed, it would have a positive domino effect on everything else in my life?

What is one negative thing in my life that is holding me back? A habit, addiction, relationship, unnecessary stress?

What is the ONE thing, that if I removed its’ negativity in my life (or presence) that it would have a domino effect in my life and everything else would raise up a vibe.

Write and journal what comes to mind.

It might be as simple as deciding to give yourself more time in the morning, taking the time you need to journal, calling your mom or a supportive friend.

Removing negativity could mean outsourcing tasks that you don’t like, spending less time with a certain mean person so you don’t absorb their energy, or cutting something out of your business that is no longer bringing you joy.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

So what do you really want? Make a promise to yourself today that you will ask for it. Put a deadline on it for an added bonus.

Your Daily Mantra

There is an unlimited amount of abundance and joy in the world, and I attract it all to me.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 6: Cord Cutting Meditation

“I always believed that when you follow your heart or your gut, when you really follow the things that feel great to you, you can never lose, because settling is the worst feeling in the world.” – Rihanna

Your YES Challenge

I do everything from a place of feeling. I follow my intuition and I know everything in my life is meant for a lesson for me. When I had a heavy feeling on my heart for a few months after a relationship ended in a way that I did not feel good about, I knew something was off energetically but I didn’t know what it was.

It wasn’t until I searched and searched that I discovered cord cutting and what it was.

Every relationship you have, you form cords with the other person. If they are negative, or draining, they may drain your energy even when they are not around you.

This can make you feel drained or lethargic and not even know why.

Cord cutting helps you maintain your own energy, and allows those people who depend on you for energy to learn how to get their energy themselves.

You will love this meditation, and I’ve gotten so many people who have said they are uplifted and have more energy after doing this meditation. If you are an empath, it’s a good idea to do this daily.

Cord cutting meditation to help you let go of any people, or even past situations that are draining you.

Your Daily Mantra

I love myself enough to take the time I need for me.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 7: Absorb Your High Vibe Through Sounds

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” –  Nikola Tesla

Your YES Challenge

Absorb Your High Vibe Through Sounds

In order to increase our vibration and attract high-vibe things, we need to increase our frequency. The beauty is, as we are energetic beings, there is not only one way to do this.

Have you ever noticed how the heat from the sun, or a warm hug can make you feel better- without a word being said. Just like someone’s gaze and a smile can uplift you.

The same can happen through sounds.

There are many different frequencies of sounds that you can use to increase your vibration and lift you to a higher level simply by listening to them. You don’t have to lift a finger to see a shift as these incredible frequencies absorb right into your mind.

There are so many to choose from, so you can find the ones that are best for you. I love exploring binaural beats, listening to the miracle tones and Solfeggio sounds

Listen to high-frequency sounds as you start your day today and feel the difference it makes for you:

Your Daily Mantra

Success and good fortune flow toward me in a stream of abundance.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 8: Hypnosis To Feel Joyful High Vibe and Expect The Best Case Scenario

“The more fun I have, the more fun I have”

Your YES Challenge

High Vibe + Positive Expectation Hypnosis

The more fun I have, the more fun I have. Life was not meant to be a struggle. YOU are meant to be happy, full of light. You were born as a perfect abundant being and I want to remind you of that.

With the Law Of Attraction, harnessing your energy to stay in a high vibration and accepting all the good that comes into your life will create more good for you. You will operate at a high energy, and naturally people, opportunities and situations that create more good in your life.

If you find it hard to take a compliment from someone who says you did a good job, you likely find it hard to accept gifts and other good things.

That will translate directly into your money story, your relationships, and every other part of your life and you can be subconsciously blocking the flow of the things you want by unknowingly and staying low-vibe just because you have been trained to do so by the environment you grew up in, your parents and so on.

In today’s morning ritual, I’m sending you a lovely hypnosis that will help you feel that it’s safe to accept abundance, love and shine your brightest light- knowing this is a truly good thing and in turn you will inspire others to do the same and cause a ripple effect.

It will also help you become excited about your days, jump into projects with excited expectation for a hopeful and positive outcome, and know that you are supported.

It will remind you that when you are entirely high vibe, that only more positive things will attract into your life and to operate from a place of love and light.

The beauty of hypnosis is it speaks to your subconscious mind, so the changes in your habits and lifestyle are instant and effortless.

Please wait until you are in a safe and calm zone (like in your home) to listen to this meditation. It is not meant to be listened to while driving, or doing high-priority tasks. Do this in a spot where you would normally relax or sleep.

Your Daily Mantra

I accept all the beauty, love and art that comes my way and the universe sends me more.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 9: See Yourself As Already Abundant + High Vibe

“You are in charge of your reality. Your current energy is manifesting your future reality” – Reese Evans

Your YES Challenge


Want to know what I do to speed up my manifestations?

I use my imagination.

Right before I go to bed, and right after I wake up, I keep my eyes closed, and I use my imagination, just like I used to when I was a kid.

I see the life I want, the friends I want, the experiences I want.

Better than that, I feel it.

It’s real to me.

I imagine myself attracting these things I want like a magnet.

Because I know that I’m a force.

And that anything I can see in my mind, I can make real.

And my current reality is not a sign of my potential. Things can change in an INSTANT.

So instead of looking at your current reality as evidence of what your life can be, instead close your eyes, see what makes you feel good, and your heart beat out of your chest, and choose to believe that THAT vision is your truth.

It is. Because whatever you decide is your truth becomes it.

See yourself doing the amazing things as if it’s already real, calling in the money in amazing and unique ways, and know the universe will be there to provide.

Your Daily Mantra

I am fully and completely supported by the universe. I create in my physical reality the big dreams I hold in my mind.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 10: Forgiveness Practice- Forgive Yourself and Move Forward Into Your Dream Life

“It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, to forgive. Forgive everybody.” – Maya Angelou

Your YES Challenge

Today, work on letting go of guilt and shame, the two lowest vibrations. You can do this with forgiveness.

If you’ve watched my videos and live streams, you know I talk A LOT about energy. I believe that when you let go of guilt and shame you open yourself up to so much receiving from the universe.

For a long time, I held on to situations and hurts that held me back. But when I learned how to let go of the emotions attached to them, I freed up my energy, and so much more love, abundance, and light flowed. This greatly impacted my productivity to, as I worked with an inspired energy and get more done just cause I LOVE so much what I do.

If you’re feeling like you’re holding onto dense energy, it’s likely that you need to forgive something or someone.

Reflect on these times, and journal them out as you go:

Think about someone or something you need to forgive

Think about a situation you need to forgive

Think about something about you that you need to forgive

Think about the situation/person/ thing and remember how you felt when it happened. Stir up the emotions if you need to so that it’s real in your mind.

When you think about it, say to the situation: I forgive you, I love you, I’m sorry.

Think about what you have learned, gained, or experienced from the situation.

In many cases this allows you to let go of the situation and move on.

However, you may have a residue of guilt, shame or embarrassment.

What I did to remove this was to talk about it. I shared with some of my friends my deepest darkest secrets. The ones I had been holding on to, and secretly fearing that people would judge me or cast me away because of it.

But instead the opposite happened, when I let go and let it out into the open, my friends and family, they accepted me, loved me, supported me, and they even had their own dark secrets to share.

So often people hold onto their shit, thinking that they are all alone in their struggle. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. We all have our shit, and when we can be real about it, we bond and get closer. We remove the mask and the fake, and we become the real us.

Make a commitment to leave it behind. With your new lightness, and the new space you have created, more joy, opportunities and even money can come into your awareness.

Your Daily Mantra

I am truly and deeply loved.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 11: Give Joy To Someone Else

“To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.” – Mark Twain

Your YES Challenge

Give Joy Outwardly

This month we’ve been focusing on receiving, and there is nothing wrong with that. The saying that it is better to give than receive isn’t not true, they are two sides of the same coin.

Receiving feels amazing. Giving feels amazing.

So today, aim to be your generous self. Be in such an air of abundance that you can give freely and spread joy. Know that whatever energy you put out, it will always flow back to you.

So where can you give?

Can you donate $20 to your favorite charity? Can you bring in coffee for your team at work? Can you tip extra at starbucks? Can you call someone you love and remind them how special and amazing they are? That will make someone’s day completely turn around.

Choose 2 or 3, get in the spirit of giving and go get it girl.

Share with us in the Yes Supply Community what your act of giving was <3

Your Daily Mantra

I know that I can give what feels good, and the universe will always support me.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 12: Free Writing

“The bad news is that the obsession with social media is almost certainly producing unhealthy side effects. Scientists have discovered that constant exposure to websites like Facebook and Twitter can alter the brain, affecting the ability to process emotions. It can also lead to restlessness, negative self-image, a decline in happiness, and in extreme cases, depression.” –  Damon Zahariades

Your YES Challenge

Ever feel like you have a thousand ideas on a ton of different topics marching around your brain, but you can’t seem to organize them and you’re feeling frazzled?

Free writing can help. Free writing is an exercise where you allow your pen to be connected to your soul and you just let whatever comes out, come out.

I honestly feel like free writing is art. It’s such a natural expression, as you give yourself space to create without expectation.

When I free write, the outcome is always better than expected.

When I look down, I usually end up with a message that I needed to receive, an opportunity to express some pent up energy, or an idea that can make my life and business better.

Grab your notebook and set your timer for 5 minutes. Freely write or doodle whatever comes to mind. Do not stop to edit or fix- let the magic happen.

Let the healing happen. Feel your vibe raise as you step away from just taking in all the messages that are being thrown your way, and instead begin to create!

Your Daily Mantra

It is essential for me to create the things I wish existed and express myself.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 13: Banish Limiting Lies + Beliefs About Yourself

“Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr. ​

Your YES Challenge

So many of us are plagued with limiting beliefs. Within our heads we hear things like “You’re not good enough”, “You can’t do that” “You’re not experienced”.


Women in general have been programmed that we’re inadequate. That we have to be PERFECT to speak up.

Not the case, you are already perfect, my love. You are already enough, and once we can solidify that into the way that you think, feel and act, the world is your oyster.

So let’s get all the lies OUT and onto a piece of paper so you can see them, recognize them for the bullshit they are, and then form new beliefs that support you in creating your yes.

Step 1. Write out any limiting beliefs you may have that are floating around in your head. Limiting beliefs and decisions are the ones that stop you from doing things because you believe you are going to fail, get rejected or hear a no.

Limiting beliefs will stop you from going after the job you want, selling your services, and launching that blog because you just assume you can’t do it. They lead to limiting decisions- deciding not to do the thing you want to do, or will lead you to the life you want because you assume that you’re not good/smart/successful/skinny/ white/ experienced enough to do it.

Meditate on the area in your life where you’re not doing the thing that will be good for you because maybe you feel like you can’t do it. Grab your journal, draw a line down the middle and on the left side write down all these beliefs. A good way to know if it is a limiting belief is “How does it feel?” If the belief makes you feel bad, or inadequate, it is a lie and a limiting belief. Write that shit down.

Step 2. Look at these limiting beliefs and recognize how much of a lie they are. You’re saying that just because you have not done something in the past means you cannot do it in the future. But that is just not true. Every day you make the decision of how tomorrow can be.

On the opposite side of the page where you wrote out your limiting beliefs, on the right side, write out the equal and opposite positive belief. For example, if you had wrote “I can’t get that opportunity that I want” then on the opposite side write out “I am more than enough and deserving to get this opportunity that I want”.

Write out the equal and opposite of your limiting beliefs all the way down the page.

Now you can turn this positive side into your new positive affirmations and repeat them to yourself out loud as much as you can to keep better and instate positive belief systems that support you on your way to your yes.

For bonus points, you can take the ‘negative’ side of the page and release it by ripping it into tiny little pieces or burn it (safely, please).

Step 3. Rinse and repeat. There are no legal limitations to journalling, so journal it out, << Test First Name >>. Find the way that it works for you, get your feelings onto the page, and work it out.

To get the best results from this journaling exercise, do it over and over again for at least 21 days. Work through your limiting beliefs and with each one, get deeper and deeper until you realize that there was nothing ever holding you back except for a limited vision of yourself. You will now see your highest potential and what you can accomplish.

Your Daily Mantra

I am a beautiful, divine being.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 14: Affirm Your Reality

“Every thought we think is creating our future.”  – Louise Hay

Your YES Challenge

While there are so many ways to shift your life, and see yourself, the first way I did it was through constant repetition using affirmations.

See, before I created my morning routine that you’re reading here today, this WAS my morning ritual.

I used to start my day in a negative space, until I decided to change my affirmations in the morning from “I hate my hair” and “I have nothing to wear” to “I have more than enough” and “I love how I look”

Within weeks, it has submerged itself into my subconscious mind, and I was reverting to being my own best friend, and being kind to myself instead of constantly beating myself up.

I had to share it with the world, and that’s where good morning beautiful was born.

It’s in the morning and night when your mind is the most open to whatever you suggest to it. Meaning, the LAST thing you want to do is scroll social media as soon as you wake up, or right before you go to bed. Your subconscious mind will take whatever you feed it right at that time, so feed it brain food.

Say these mantras morning and night before you go to bed and if you continue enough, you will see successful shift in the way you think about money, and you’ll create a warm relationship with money and see it easily flow into your life.

I am becoming more abundant by the day

I attract all that I need to bring forth my success

I deserve happiness and excitement so I can do everything I want to do in this life

Everything I desire for success comes to me easily and effortlessly

It is safe for me to have and receive large amounts of money and success

I am a happy person, and I truly deserve happy and positive relationships

I am becoming richer by the second

I thank you universe for everything I have

Your Daily Mantra

I am so excited for the opportunities and incredible things that are coming my way.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 15: Accomplishment List

“The world is conspiring to shower you with blessings.”  – Rob Brezsny

Your YES Challenge


The world, the media and all the messages around you will trick you to make you think that you have not done enough.

No matter how hard you have worked, how focused you may have been, or how good your intentions, often it doesn’t feel like it’s enough, doesn’t it?

But the trick to attracting vast amounts of money from unexpected places is the energy you are in. Just this month, I’ve manifested almost 20K from unexpected sources.  And It’s because I’m maintaining the energy I want to be in, and surrounding myself only with vibes that make me feel that way.

So there’s no room for the feeling of ‘lack’ that will only attract more of it. You want to feel MORE than enough, and you will see reasons and opportunities for more than enough to come into your life.

The thing about manifesting is that it usually doesn’t just appear in one area of your life, it carries over to all the others.

So you can expect that when your money situation improves and you feel happy, fulfilled, and abundant all your relationships, opportunities and everything else in between will feel that way.

Today, take a moment to write an accomplishment list, thank and appreciate yourself for all you’ve done, and realize that you’ve done MORE than enough.

Your accomplishment list doesn’t have to only surround work. It could be making time for self-care, not spending as much time on social media, being extra kind to the barista at the coffee shop. Everything you want to do to raise the vibration of the universe.

Take some time to reflect on the amazing things you have accomplished this week Feel proud of what you have done and take time to celebrate.

I have accomplished _____________________________.

I have accomplished _____________________________.

I have accomplished _____________________________.

Your Daily Mantra

I am worthy of achieving incredible things.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 16: Use Movement To Raise Your Vibration

“Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor.”- H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Your YES Challenge


Your energy is what is going to attract money into your life. When you act as if you are already on a high vibe energy level, you attract circumstances of that level into your life.

If I want to instantly feel high-vibe, I add movement to my day. I allow my energy to flow, and because I’m in a state of motion, I take the action to allow miracles to appear in my life.

Get into a state of movement and flow today. Put on your favoring song that makes you feel happy, and rich, and dance around your place feeling, acting as if, and taking on the persona that you are a complete STAR.

Use your hairbrush as a mic. #noshame.

Doesn’t it feel good? It does because it’s natural. You ARE a star. You’re meant to feel on a high.

Your Daily Mantra

I have everything I need to be successful.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 17: Pick Your Favorite Self-Care Tools

“The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.” – Audrey Hepburn

Your YES Challenge

My exercise for you today is to set your out of office on your email, and detox from everything.

Although it’s so easy to look at the outer world for evidence of how well we are doing in life, the real satisfaction comes from within. That is where you will create your yes.

So spend the next few days with the people you love, doing things you love, and also spending time with YOU.

You spend more time with you than anyone else, so having love and kindness for yourself is paramount.

Remove peering into the life of everyone else, and remember to be grateful for everything you got.

If you’re reading this, it’s highly likely that you’re one of the richest people in the world (even if we forget that sometimes) So much of the world lives off of less than two dollars a day.

So remember to be grateful, and remember that true success is not only what’s in your bank account, or your follower count, it’s if you are being truest to you, and leaving the positive impact on those around you.

Choose from the list below of a self-care fave:

  • Put on an out of office on your inbox and lock out the outside world
  • Stop checking social media and remove the need for that dopamine hit- get that hit of dopamine from something other than checking your phone
  • Meditate
  • Play- Play with your dog, your friends, your neighbour’s kids. Play raises your vibration instantly
  • Get your nails done or do it yourself
  • Put on a mask (hair mask, face mask, any mask- you do you girl)
  • Look at yourself in the mirror and count all the things that are amazing about YOU
  • Write a gratitude list for all of the things you are grateful for from this year
  • Write an accomplishment list for all of the incredible things you’ve overcome this year, and all you’ve conquered- internal battles count.

Your Daily Mantra

I am a woman, and a human first. It is safe for me to feel good and put my needs first.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 18: Incorporate Play Into Your Everyday Habits

“The more often we see the things around us – even the beautiful and wonderful things – the more they become invisible to us. That is why we often take for granted the beauty of this world: the flowers, the trees, the birds, the clouds – even those we love. Because we see things so often, we see them less and less.” – Joseph B. Wirthlin

Your YES Challenge

Often we fall into ruts and stagnation. We do the same things over and over again, and lose touch into why we do it. Have you ever started a business out of your passion, but then end up doing all the things you that feel don’t feel high vibe in your business that are totally far away from the reason you started your business in the first place?

Or got so used to all the things to be grateful for, that we lost touch with being grateful.

I love to bring myself back to this question “If work was play, what would I do today?”

It reminds me that, when I find joy, happiness, and fun in what I do everyday that everything else will fall into place. My energy will be aligned, and the energy of play brings you up to one of the highest vibrations.

So I invite you to look at your list of ‘to-do’s” for the day, and ask yourself “How can I include play in my day?”

When you do see how much more fun, and light you feel. You’ll see the inspiration flow right to you, to take you closer and closer to what you’re manifesting, and most importantly-have fun along the way.

Your Daily Mantra

I have everything I need to be successful.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 19: Only Make Decisions That Are Loving And Kind To You

“If you change your frequency, you change your reality” – Christie Sheldon

Your YES Challenge

Every single thing holds a vibration, even the choices and decisions you make.

So what choices and decisions do you make. Do you choose to be kind to yourself, loving to yourself and to your goals and make decisions to spend your time on things that will align you to where you want to be?

Or do you choose to spend your hours on time-sucking social media platforms and dedicate your precious mind, and time to watching others.

Like Kanye West says “Time is the only luxury we have”. And he is someone who would likely know.

That means every single choice you make, add joy and love into it.

Meaning that instead of walking in the rain to get to where you have to go, make the self loving decision to splurge and get a cab so you put yourself first.

However, maybe you do choose to save money and walk- then feel the joy in that walk. Feel how amazing the rain feels around you, enjoy how it brings you back to your childhood joy and fun.

Remember the beauty in life. Remember to charge up every single decision you make with a high vibration. Remember that it is REALLY about the journey, not the destination. When you revel in the luxury of every single moment, learning and new friendship you make along the journey, you will actually attract the end goal so very much faster.

So make self-loving choices. Back away from the ‘shoulds’ and instead opt for the option that brings you light, joy, happiness and positive vibes.

Your Daily Mantra

My daily choices serve me in the highest way.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 20: Raise Your Vibration In 17 Seconds

“If you change your frequency, you change your reality” – Christie Sheldon

Your YES Challenge

Have you ever noticed that when you are happy, you smile?

It’s a psycho-cybernetic process. Your body is essentially a robot to your mind. So when you feel good, you will naturally smile. It’s a domino effect.

However, did you know that the process works the exact same way backwards. Your emotions are based on a chemical reaction, so when you put a smile on your face, it can actually send a message to your brain to be happy.

When you put on a proper Duchenne Smile, it stimulates your muscles that send a message back to your brain that says “Well, you’re smiling”, let’s trigger for happiness.

Definition: A Duchenne smile involves contraction of both the zygomatic major muscle (which raises the corners of the mouth) and the orbicularis oculi muscle (which raises the cheeks and forms crow’s feet around the eyes).  -Wikipedia

Knowing that it takes only 16 seconds for your mood to change (and also to energize your thoughts to send a signal out to the universe) practice smiling and putting yourself in a higher vibe, and then also thinking about what you want to create and focusing on that.

Your Daily Mantra

My daily choices serve me in the highest way.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

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