Attract Dream Clients
 ...and get paid your worth


Video #2

Know Who Only You Can Help and Transform

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Video #1

Owning Your Value and Knowing Your True Worth To Unlock Your Higher Self


Video #3

Packaging Your Knowledge and Creating Your Offers


Video #4

Attracting The Clients You’re Meant To Serve

• Practical Strategies


Video #5

Manifesting The Clients You’re Meant To Serve

• Metaphysical Principles

​Attract Dream Clients 5- Day Challenge

You'll learn how to stand out as an influential coach, and be seen as a go-to expert so you can charge high-ticket prices and start working with the clients of your dreams. 

Learn the techniques that the world's leading entrepreneurs, mindset coaches, practitioners, healers and speakers are using to create a business full of freedom, ease and flow.

What You'll Discover in this 5-Part Training:


The Best Tools of Successful Coaches

Learn how to make money work hard for you, while inspiring thousands how to step into their power.


Create Programs People Obsess Over

How to map out your offers correctly to truly transform your experience and skills into incredible packages that make an impact


Content Ideas and Inspiration

Are you a personal development influencer, and growing your audience? Learn amazing techniques that can fuel inspiring content, and attract more of the right people to you.


Sell Out Spots + Book Out Your Calendar

Be the coach who has clients jumping to work with you, and spend your days with work you love.

What Muses Are Saying:


Elizabeth Vandermey Mindset Coach

"I would highly recommend working with Reese in any capacity that you can - just to be in her energy is fuel enough to go after your dreams with fierce abandon - knowing that you will be supported and guided throughout the process."

Beatriz Alvarex-Soto Coach

"Going through Reese's program, I gained the confidence to establish myself as an expert in my industry and to share my message with grace without being salesy."

Angela Gray 

"Thank you so much. I had so many deep shifts during this challenge. This really was amazing."

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