5 Steps To Attract Dream Clients Who Know Your Value

5 Steps To Attract Dream Clients Who Know Your Value

Your Dream Client Is Just A Few Tweaks Away

I remember when I knew that I had value to give, and that I really wanted to make an impact in the world, I just didn’t know how to turn my skills into services where I could help people reach their goals and create profits from my passion.

I had overcome obstacles, learned strategies that we’re working for me and my friends who I had given advice to, but I needed help figuring out how to position myself to bring on real clients and start earning an income doing what I love.

Once I figured out what my strategy was missing, I was able to quit my job, double my income and hit my first 14K month just 2 months after I left my corporate job.

I was able to attract dreamy clients who knew my value, were excited to work with me, and I could share my offers and packages with women who we’re excited to pay high-level fees to work with me- all the while never feeling ‘salesy’.

In this value-packed training, I’ll be getting hands-on and sharing my strategies to attract dream clients, start charging your worth, and seeing the success you desire in your business.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to attract clients who know your value, and are happy to pay high level fees because they know you deliver
  • How to map out your offers correctly to truly transform your experience and skills into incredible packages that make an impact
  • You are taking in enough clients to meet your income goals, but you still have the time-freedom you’re looking for (With high-level fees you only need 2-3 clients a month for a 5-figure month)

Love the people who you work with and serve.

Create Offers That Your Dream Client Is Obsessed With.

Gain the Confidence To Share What You Do And Get Your Message Out There.

I'm Reese

I Help Ambitious Creatives Build Freedom-Based Businesses That Align To Their Passion and Purpose

I know the struggle.

For years I was stuck in a job that I-WAS-SO-OVER.

I was overworked, underpaid and uninspired.

I was going to work to ‘pay the bills’ but I felt so empty.

There had to be a better option…

But after years of unsuccessful job hunting, I felt stuck, and trapped in a life that wasn’t fulfilling.

reese evans success strategist

And then it hit me.

Instead of looking for someone to hand me my dream job (which didn’t look like it was going to happen tbh)

I would create my dream life.

I jumped into planning + dreaming a life and business I was obsessed with.

I found my YES.

I decided to turn the things I was passionate about into a business, and my lifestyle goals into reality.

It started with growing a highly engaged audience of over 30K ambitious women globally, and turning my combining my purpose and profits.

Now I’ve created a 6-figure business that gives me the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, doing work I’m passionate about and connecting with incredible women.

Ready To Learn How I Attract High Value Clients?

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