Elevated, Grounded, and Protected Energy

Strategies and techniques to help you ground, protect, and elevate your energy – for lightworkers, healers and coaches who serve the world, and want to stay in your magic.

Hi beautiful, and welcome to Elevated, Grounded and Protected Energy:  Strategies and techniques to help you ground, protect, and elevate your energy – for lightworkers, healers and coaches who serve the world, and want to stay in your magic

I know exactly who you are. You’re a healer, you’re a lightworker, you’re a giver, you care about other people.

You spend so much time helping others that sometimes you forget that it is just as important to give that same love, care, and adoration to yourself.

Think about it. If we want to help people in the best way possible it’s important for us to turn our attention inwards. To also help ourselves. To feel happy and fulfilled so that we know what that feels like.

To honour the divine goddess, and feminine energy that we are.

When we experience the fullness of being happy fulfilled, energetic and empowered we put ourselves in a position where we can better help others.

So being selfish is the least selfish thing that you could ever do.

Give yourself time everyday to read through the exercises.

Give yourself the space and time to take action on them, and to integrate them. By the end of this series you’ll have a ton of exercises that you can use to make sure that you are vibrating at the highest frequency imaginable, feeling great and fully empowered.

There are many different techniques and I encourage you to take the ones that resonate with you, and leave the others that don’t behind. You may use them later on your journey. There have been many things in my journey that flow in and out of my practice.

Remember that this is your practice and I’m giving you tools that have worked amazingly for me. But this is all different for every single person who tries it so write down what you love and integrate that into your daily practice.

From my experience grounding, creating a protection bubble, and cord-cutting should be daily essentials.

If you work with and support people you’ll want to be integrating these practices as habitually as you make dinner for yourself every night.

So I’m sending you so much love and so much light.

Remember that you are always divinely supported.

You are always supremely protected.

Your higher self is waiting for you to step into your full power and when you’re fully energized and following the path of what you’re meant to do, you will live a blessed life and so will everyone around you.

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Day 1: Energy Thermometer 

Your YES Challenge

Today is about the foundation. If you are to protect your energy you have to know what that energy is.

Let’s keep this to the point. At the base of it all you are energy. You might think that you’re a body. You might think that everyone else is separate than you. But that is just the programming that we’ve grown up with.

In all reality when you break everything that you are down into particles, you recognize that we are all just vibrating energy. And it’s such a beautiful thing.

The energy that you vibrate at is directly correlated with what you attract into your life.

You are an incredible creator and how you feel dictates the reality you live in.

Meaning if you are in the vibration of worried, you will attract more reasons to worry.

If you are in the vibration of not enoughness, you will attract even more situations, results, and people that perpetuate your vibration of not enoughness.

So if you want your life on the outside to change you need to heighten your frequency on the inside.

Here is the scale of consciousness. this is taken from the incredible book called Power versus Force. It talks about your energy and how your position on the vibrational scale will affect what you attract into your life.

With each rung that you move up on the vibrational scale your reality gets better, exponentially. Take a look and ask yourself which number of vibration do you feel you are at often?

Wondering how to move up easily, and with ease?

Start to incorporate the emotions of LOVE and GRATITUDE into your every day. When I first started YES SUPPLY INC. I would always ask myself “How can I love my audience today?” and I believe that was why we were able to grow so quickly.

Also, in the midst of loving others, ensure you also show that love to yourself, treat yourself how you treat others, and vice-versa. We are all one.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 2: Chakras

Your YES Challenge

Share with us in the group!

Today I’m going to walk you through the Chakras, the energy centers in your body.

You are a soul inside your body.

In order to be fully balanced, you want to have the energy in your body moving through you freely flowing.

Although I do not claim to be a Chakra expert, knowing how your energy centres in the body affect your actions, emotions, and feelings is so helpful on your healing journey.

When you are doing healing work on yourself, or receiving healing from others you’ll know where to focus your attention.

For example, for me, I am someone who can be in my head A-LOT. I’m a dreamer. The first time I went to a reiki session, with my amazing reiki lady, Melissa, she actually got lightheaded when she got to my torso area.

The reason is because I was spending so much time in my head, I wasn’t being connected with my body.

Which is why grounding practices are essential for me. By getting in touch with your chakras, you can see which practices are necessary for you.

There are 7 main chakras in the body are:

The Crown Chakra • The 7th Chakra

Color: Violet

Location: Above the top of the head

What does it do? Interacts with the energy centres in your body. When you are fully in balance, this one can become balanced too. This one connects you to intuition, and inspiration.

It needs work when: You’re not feeling connected, inspired, and in tune with your higher self

The Brow Chakra • The 6th Chakra (Also known as the third eye)

Color: Indigo

Location: The pineal gland

What does it do? Ability to interact with the spirit world and decode messages from a divine source. If you have dense energy here it can manifest as feelings of unworthiness.

It needs work when: If you’re experiencing feelings of unworthiness, or going into endeavors that just don’t seem to work out

The Throat Chakra • The 5th Chakra

Color: Blue

Location: The throat

What does it do? Responsible for communication, sharing, and receiving in relationship to others. It allows you to step into who you are through expressing yourself clearly, without fear, and from a place of love. It means showing up, having a presence, teaching, educating and sharing what needs to be said.

It needs work when: It can show up as not voicing your opinion, being able to express yourself, being submissive, saying what’s on your mind, and also receiving and accepting communication from others.

The Heart Chakra • The 4th Chakra

Color: Green

Location: Centre of the chest

What does it do? This energy centre is responsible for good feelings of love, connection, and deep relationships. It allows you to see love in everything from nature, to the work you do. It allows deeper love towards the self. It allows you to raise your vibration to that of the energy pattern of love.

It needs work when: You are having difficulty in your relationships, creating a clear connection, sharing and receiving love from others and feeling love. Whether it’s love from others or love of the self.

The Solar Plexus Chakra • The 3th Chakra

Color: Yellow

Location: Centre of the chest

What does it do? When this energy is balanced, we have a strong sense of self, identity and who we are. We see everyone as equal with their own ways to contribute. We are all from one source. We give love freely and accept love too

It needs work when: You don’t feel like you know who you are. You feel lost. You look to others for a sense of identity, and are constantly seeking role models instead of owning the power and strong identity within you. It can also show up as too much ego, focus on gaining power. If you either want to control others, or find yourself to be controlled by others, there is work to be done. Most people have an imbalance here because of how we are programmed to look outwards for the right way to be in the world.

The Sacral Chakra • The 2nd Chakra

Color: Orange

Location: Below the belly button

What does it do? This energy centre is responsible for how we see ourselves in the world. It connects to lack of acceptance of yourself or misunderstanding yourself. It connects to our creativity, spontaneity, and even sexual drive.

It needs work when: You are having difficulty accepting yourself. Society places meaning on certain things about us, and then we perpetuate those meanings to ourselves. For example, being short, tall, thin, curvy, person of color, certain place or way we grew up etc. If we are hating on ourselves because of some silly external meaning that society wants us to believe- we have work today. Let’s find the beauty, light, magic, and unique power in all the things that allows us to be unique in the world.

The Root Chakra • The 1st Chakra

Color: Red

Location: Base of the spine

What does it do? The root chakra is the root or foundation of our lives. It helps us feel like we are completely and totally supported. It means we are grounded. It keeps us feeling secure. When it is balanced for us, we just into the life of our dreams. We make decisions based from love instead of fear. We know we can take a leap and the universe will support us.

It needs work when:
You are feeling unsafe. You’re not making the decisions you know will lead to a great good like making an investment in a certification you want, or launching your dream business because of fear.

You operate in scarcity, lack, and feel like you are all alone. You may even be greedy, or manipulative. You do not recognize that when you leap, the universe will catch you

Based on what you learnt, which of your chakras do you feel is doing well, and which ones do you see yourself working on during your time in this training?

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 3: Energy Body Scan - To Tap Into Areas of Tension

Your YES Challenge

I believe that self-awareness is one of the most important keys to personal development and growth.

There is SO much content, books and videos to improve- but the change can only happen when you do the work and when you look INSIDE.

Work doesn’t just mean getting on a computer and working. It means asking yourself the tough questions, giving yourself time to think about why you do the things you do. It means reflecting back on your childhood and asking how the conversations your parents, teachers and role models had back then are affecting you now.

So in the spirit of self-awareness- today we are going to do a body scan. You’re going to pick up on feelings of tension, anxiety, dense energy that may be affecting you, and make a note of where you will want to do some healing work.

Energy Scan

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 4: Reiki Shower - Focus in On Where You Need

Your YES Challenge

​When I realized I had a place to turn with all the interesting energetic and spiritual experiences I had in my life, I felt a huge relief. Reiki helped me make sense of so much confusion.

I had known that I was getting drained energetically because of my nature to support others more than I supported myself and also through the kind of client work I was doing.

Through cord-cutting (which you’ll learn about soon) I learned how to cut off the energetic ties that others had to me, and through self-reiki, I learned how to restore my energy.

This self-healing practice is taken from Reiki.

Reiki is ‘love-energy’ which we all have flowing through us already. So even if you’re not certified in Reiki, yet, this will still work well because you are already a powerful and magical being.

If you are interested in being certified in Reiki to go deeper, I highly recommend it. I infuse Reiki into a lot of the work that I do. I encourage you to reach out to our team if you’re interested in being certified in Reiki.

In this video, I walk you through how to do a reiki energy healing shower for yourself (whether or not you’re certified in reiki). No water required.

Reiki Shower

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 5: Energy Clearing - See Your Energy Above, Expand, Clear What Doesn’t Serve You

Your YES Challenge

​​I LOOOOVEEEE doing energy clearing meditations. We are powerful beyond measure. Our words are our commands. Whatever we speak, command and believe becomes our reality.

The thing is, we often tell ourselves stories that do not serve us. All of our stories become truth.

So in this meditation, we are clearing out the stories and the energy that no longer serves us so that we can find our truth and manifest our deepest desires.

Learning how to command the stories that do not serve you is powerful, and allows you to gain awareness of the stories that are happening in your subconscious mind.

Energy Clearing Meditation

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 6: Call All My Power Back To Me

Your YES Challenge

​When I first heard a meditation like this, it absolutely blew my mind. I learned it from Danielle LaPorte in which she taught that our energy often gets given away throughout the different interactions we have.

When we experience trauma, heartbreak, fear, or negative emotions that we try to suppress, we leave our power behind in those situations- laden with guilt, shame, pain and fear.

But we can call our power back to us so that it remains ours. For me, I have gone through some dark places- maybe you have too- and so I do not want energy that carries fear sadness, or scarcity in it.

I’ve updated the meditation and put my own spin on it using my own techniques that includes a cleansing ritual so that I call all my power, allow it to be cleansed and made pure, and then return back to me.

Call Your Power Back Meditation

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 7: Cord Cutting

Your YES Challenge

​​Are you constantly feeling drained? Anxious?

Not sure why?

You might be an empath, and taking on the energy of the people who you support.

When you’re the person in your life who is always supporting, helping, and serving others- if you do not protect your energy you can end up severely drained.

If you are a coach, or work closely supporting others, doing a cord cutting practice daily is an absolute essential.

And no, this is not a figure of speech.

I mean cord cutting should be a habit as much as eating your dinner is. Cleanse after every day that you work with people.

Even if you are not a coach, you may have energy-drainers in your life. It could be your best friend, your mom, your boyfriend, or a low-vibe boss.

I’ve had clients do this meditation and feel lighter, be able to wake up earlier in the morning and be more energized to take on life!

You never know how much of other’s energized you’ve internalized until you cut the cords off:

Cord Cutting

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 8: Grounding - Energy

Your YES Challenge

​​​I used to be SO head in the air that my soul almost felt disconnected with my body. Grounding is a powerful technique to help you be present in the moment and present in your body.

Listen here for a grounding meditation that helps you connect to the powerful energy of the divine, from above and the core of the earth and go into your day feeling like an absolute goddess.

When you wake up in the morning, after a night of dreaming, it’s such a great practice to ground yourself in your body before you start your day.


Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 9: Creating A Protection Bubble

Your YES Challenge

Now that you know how to get grounded, and raise your energy, you want to protect that beautiful ball of energy that you’ve created.

By creating a protection bubble you get to keep your delicious and divine light and energy within, and while you can still help others, you will not be giving your energy away.

This is a great practice to add to the end of your grounding technique. You can ask to become surrounded in divine light or request your spirit guides, guardian angel to help protect you:

Protection Bubble

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 10: Body Scan to Get Back in Your Body

Your YES Challenge

I’m a little bit of a mix of an empath and an introvert. And so when I’m around people who are more extroverted or have a big presence sometimes I feel like I can get a little bit lost. Also sometimes I give away so much of my energy without realizing it that I can get a little bit lost. I spend a lot of time in my head.

If you find that you are in your head too much, or getting a little bit lost when you’re in big crowds a great idea is to do a little body scan wherever you are.

It’s just a little reminder to get your soul remembering and becoming aware that you are in your body.

All I do for this and I just close my eyes for a second and I bring my awareness into my body. and I think about where do I sense most of my energy.

Where do I sense my soul?

Most of the time I send my soul in my chest area and in my head.

But the thing is you have neurotransmitters in every single part of your body, meaning that every part of your body can think so what I like to do is imagine my soul and my awareness going down into my stomach and going into my legs.

I imagine it going all the way throughout my whole body taking big deep breaths as I do that. I like to wiggle my toes around and feel my awareness all the way down to the floor. I like to wiggle my fingers around and feel my awareness to the ends of my limbs. It helps me feel like my awareness is more evenly distributed throughout my body.

As you do this take deep big breaths.

Put your hand on your stomach and breathe in so much that it moves your belly outwards and you can physically feel that.

Most people take very shallow breaths so just by bring your awareness throughout your whole body and taking a deep breath and can really help you ground yourself wherever you are and feel more at peace.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 11: High Vibe Sounds

Your YES Challenge

Our frequency of energy that we are resonating at is a VIBRATION. The beautiful thing is that there are so many things that we can you use help us vibrate at the right frequency we want to, and help cleanse the lower frequencies that do not serve us.

One way to raise your frequency is by listening to sounds that support us in maintaining a great frequency.

The sound vibrations move through our bodies and actually change how we feel, and our energy levels.

All sounds affect you, and you can do this easily at home with binaural beats, or Solfeggio sounds.

I’ll often listen to these as I fall asleep, or as I’m working during the day and I feel a physical lift in how I’m feeling.

Here are a few great solfeggio sounds you can listen to to help raise your energy and feel better:

Attract Abundance Solfeggio Tone

396 Hz | Cleanse Negativity and Blocks

639 Hz | Attract and Manifest Love

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 12: Anchoring Technique

Your YES Challenge

​We are always in control of our thoughts and our emotions and a beautiful tool that I’ve learned in NLP t help control how you can feel at any moment is anchoring.

With anchoring, we can decide on an emotion that we want to be able to access at any moment and create a touch point on our body so that when we touch that part ( just like a button ) we can feel that emotion that we want to feel.

What we’re going to be doing today is helping you use the tool of anchoring to be able to tap into the emotion of feeling excited and high vibe no matter where you are.


Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 13: Being Aware Of Your Language

Your YES Challenge

Today I’m going to talk to you about changing your language and becoming very aware of your language.

This technique alone I could create a whole lesson on and it is a huge part of what we learn in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

The language that comes out of your mouth defines the life you live. It also defines the outcomes that you help your clients create so become very aware of it.

Your subconscious mind thinks in pictures. It does not process negatives. Meaning if you are constantly saying “ I’m tired” “ I’m exhausted” then you are imprinting a picture in your subconscious mind of you constantly feeling tired.

What you can do to change your energy is shift your language. That means instead of saying I’m tired, say things like “ I’m looking forward to want to have more energy” “ I’m looking forward to getting up in the morning and feeling totally awake and excited for the day”

Simply by saying things how you mean it can change the entire outcome of your life. The reason for this is because your subconscious mind thinks and pictures. Even if I say “Don’t think of the Amethyst Crystal” you need to create a picture of it in order to know what not think about.

This can also help you in dramatic ways in your client sessions. Instead of focusing on client failures, traumas, negative situations instead help them picture the positive situation that they want to move towards.

For example if your client is having low vibe family matters, instead of talking about the arguing family, instead help them create pictures of their family being happy, together, and positive.

By simply helping them create more positive pictures in their mind than they ever have before you are helping them take the steps, and working in alignment with their subconscious mind, to create a better and more positive life.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 14: Journaling for Awareness - Remove Distractions, Social Media, etc.

Your YES Challenge

Want to keep your energy boosted? Do you want to be aware of what causes your energy to feel great, and what makes you feel the opposite of great.

A great way to do this is by being aware of your emotions during the day and keeping a notebook, or note on your phone of what makes you feel in certain kinds of ways.

If you notice that you are experiencing emotions that you don’t absolutely love, write down in a note on your phone of what is making you feel this way. After a week or so you’ll be able to look back at your note to see if there are any patterns that are you are putting yourself through. Maybe it is watching a certain TV show that makes you feel negative, or going on social media, or talking to a certain person.

Whatever that is by gaining this awareness you can break those old patterns and create new ones where you do things that support you and make you feel better. Be aware of your emotions- When you’re not feeling good, what is it that you’re doing? Work on switching your habits

At the same time also keep a journal of notes of things that make you feel amazing. Maybe it’s reading a certain kind of book, going to a certain coffee shop, or talking to a specific friend. If you know that these are the things that keep you energized and high vibe find ways to incorporate these into your life even more!

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 15: Creating Boundaries

Your YES Challenge

There’s one common thread amongst all successful people and that is at they create boundaries.

In order to be successful you need to achieve Mastery in your craft.

Which means that there are certain things that you need to take out of your life and instead add the things that support you in creating the goals and achievements that you desire.

When many of us do not achieve the goals that we want or feel negative it’s because we have not created boundaries. We’ve said yes to doing things we didn’t actually want to do.

We put everyone else’s goals and motives in front of our own. We decided that we were not going to work on the thing that we wanted to do and instead spent time doing things that we did not want. We said no and we wanted to say yes. And we said yes when we wanted to say no.

In order for me to get to where I am today I had to create solid boundaries.

Making time for work that was important to help me get to where I wanted to go. Staying away from people who drain my energy. As coaches we often have issues with boundaries when it comes to our sessions. We allow our clients to take too much from us or we go over our hour-long sessions. Whatever it is make sure that you have clear boundaries and you stick to them.

What are the boundaries that you need to create in your life? Write them in your Journal.

If you need to, set reminders in your phone or on a Post-It note so you remember to keep your boundaries in check.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 17: Crystals

Your YES Challenge

I love to keep crystals on hand to help me keep my energy high!

There are a ton of crystals that help you boost your energy, protect from negative energies and so much more.

One of my favorite crystals is Selenite.

As an empath, wear it or keep it with you to not absorb negative energies. It protects your light from being absorbed by energy vampires, and wards off toxic energies.

You can also purchase a Selenite wand and wave it around yourself to protect from negative energies. You can use it with your clients and move it down their spine to help remove negative energies.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 18: Clear Energy in Your Home - Palo Santo, Smudge, Clapping

Your YES Challenge

To keep your energy high vibe, you’ll also want to make sure that your home is cleansed from negative energy. You can do this as part of your regular maintenance. Also when you have people in your home that give off a low vibe, you’ll want to clear the energy after they leave.

If you live in an apartment building, or townhome, you can actually absorb low vibe energies from your neighbours, as our energy vibration resonates so much further outside of our bodies that our physical eyes can see.

A popular way to cleanse the energy in your home is by using Palo Santo, or Sage.

Simply set a powerful intention for the energy in your home. Say it out loud, and repeat it over and over again as you smudge your home. Remember, your words have energy, so when you set a positive intention for the energy in your home, and repeat it over and over you are setting a powerful manifestation for what energy will be attracted into your home.

After you’ve set your intention, light your palo santo or sage and move through your home repeating your intention. Make sure to get inside of places where there could be stuck energy that has not been moved in a while, like corners in each room, closets, underneath spaces and on top of shelves.

Get every last little bit.

Don’t have sage? Don’t worry. Your word and your intention is the most powerful tool in the universe. Set your intention and walk through your home CLAPPING in order to move the stuck energy around and cast out the low vibe energy.

PS: Be sure to warn your partner/roommate before you do smudge because they might freak out and think something is burning….I’m speaking from experience here.

PPS: You can also clear the energy using sound, like with a singing bowl.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 19: Clear Energy in the Space You Will Be Working From

Your YES Challenge

Want to create a really powerful session with your clients, and create space for them to rise up to their greatness?

Clear the energy in your space for each session.

You can do this before your session by listening to binaural beats or solfeggio sounds to raise your vibration before the session.

Then sage and clear the space.

Then call on a divine and higher power to support you, and ask that that unlimited source of energy flows through you to deeply support your client. Create a protection bubble to protect your energy before the session.

You also want to ensure that you do this after your sessions as well so that you can clear out any of the energy that occurs in your sessions.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 20: EFT Tapping

Your YES Challenge

Emotional Freedom techniques, also known as topping is a powerful tool to help you get in touch with your current emotions and energy and raise how you are feeling very quickly.

I used tapping on a weekly basis. I think it’s an amazing tool that you could even integrate into your daily practice if you decide to. You can use tapping to remove any nervous, anxious, or fearful energy or even to tap on things that you want like more abundance or confidence.

How tapping works is you use the different energy meridians on your body to move out and the stuck or dense energy and allow the energy in your body to flow. You do this by tapping on certain Energy Meridian points on the body. These are just like the acupuncture points on your acupuncturist would use in a session.

In this video I’m going to walk you through how to use tapping to instantly increase your energy if you’re feeling low vibe.

EFT Tapping

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 21: Create Your Own Practice - This Works When You Create Your Ritual

Your YES Challenge

So you’ve now you have received a whole bunch of different ways to protect, ground, and heighten your energy level.

But this stuff doesn’t work just from reading it. It works when you own it. When you find exactly what it is that works for you, and work it.

Go back through the previous things that you’ve learned. And find out what rituals spoke to you to use the most.

Was it the grounding exercise? Was it the crystals? Was the EFT tapping? I certainly hope it was creating the protection energy bubble because I advise that everyday, along with your cord-cutting ritual.

But whatever your favorite rituals were from the content and use them. Write down your favorite rituals and put it in a place where you are. Maybe set a reminder in your phone.

Start to work these rituals on a regular basis until they become your practice. Until you get used to waking up and immediately jumping into your favorite rituals…Until it becomes second nature that before you go to bed you cut the cords from the day.

I’m excited to hear what your new rituals are and how much they help you increase your energy and feel incredible.

If you want to share, head to our Facebook group and share what your new daily rituals to ground, protect, and heighten your energy will be.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 22: Energy thermometer - Acknowledge Your New Level, and Also Feel Gratitude for It. This Will Also Continue You Upwards with Your Energy.

Your YES Challenge

At the beginning of your sessions you learned all about the different levels of energy, how they tie in with your emotions and how those emotions show you what energy level you’re vibrating at.

After so many days of incorporating energy grounding, protection, and energy heightening techniques into your daily practice I want you to ask yourself “What level are you vibrating at?

Have you incorporated love and light into your daily practice?

If you seen an increase in your energy level keep track it. Refer about this chart often to see how you’re continuing to heighten and grow with your vibration. Journal on how you’re feeling and what you can do to stay on this trajectory.

I’m soooo proud of you for getting started on your journey to protect your energy. Every interaction that you have means an exchange of energy. This is why it’s important to protect yours- so you can stay in your power, and stay in the vibration you need to in order to fulfil your purpose.

You are powerful beyond measure and now you can claim ownership of your power, and continue to own your magic in your business, relationships and life.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

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