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Hi love, So happy to share this special gift with you after attending the Six-Figure Coach masterclass.

Listen to these meditations to help you start your day, and start your day with intention, feel SUPER powerful and create your YES. Do the journaling exercises below to keep growing and manifesting abundance.

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Follow This Journaling Exercise to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

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So many of us are plagued with limiting beliefs. Within our heads we hear things like "You're not good enough", "You can't do that" "You're not experienced".


Women in general have been programmed that we're inadequate. That we have to be PERFECT to speak up.

Not the case, you are already perfect, my love. You are already enough, and once we can solidify that into the way that you think, feel and act, the world is your oyster.

So let's get all the lies OUT and onto a piece of paper so you can see them, recognize them for the bullshit they are, and then form new beliefs that support you in creating your yes.


Step 1. Write out any limiting beliefs you may have that are floating around in your head. Limiting beliefs and decisions are the ones that stop you from doing things because you believe you are going to fail, get rejected or hear a no.

Limiting beliefs will stop you from going after the job you want, selling your services, and launching that blog because you just assume you can't do it. They lead to limiting decisions- deciding not to do the thing you want to do, or will lead you to the life you want because you assume that you're not good/smart/successful/skinny/ white/ experienced enough to do it.

Meditate on the area in your life where you're not doing the thing that will be good for you because maybe you feel like you can't do it. Grab your journal, draw a line down the middle and on the left side write down all these beliefs. A good way to know if it is a limiting belief is "How does it feel?" If the belief makes you feel bad, or inadequate, it is a lie and a limiting belief. Write that shit down.


Step 2. Look at these limiting beliefs and recognize how much of a lie they are. You're saying that just because you have not done something in the past means you cannot do it in the future. But that is just not true. Every day you make the decision of how tomorrow can be.

On the opposite side of the page where you wrote out your limiting beliefs, on the right side, write out the equal and opposite positive belief. For example, if you had wrote "I can't get that opportunity that I want" then on the opposite side write out "I am more than enough and deserving to get this opportunity that I want".

Write out the equal and opposite of your limiting beliefs all the way down the page.

Now you can turn this positive side into your new positive affirmations and repeat them to yourself out loud as much as you can to keep better and instate positive belief systems that support you on your way to your yes.

For bonus points, you can take the 'negative' side of the page and release it by ripping it into tiny little pieces or burn it (safely, please).


Step 3. Rinse and repeat. There are no legal limitations to journaling, so journal it out, muse. Find the way that it works for you, get your feelings on to the page, and work it out.

To get the best results from this journaling exercise, do it over and over again for at least 21 days. Work through your limiting beliefs and with each one, get deeper and deeper until you realize that there was nothing ever holding you back except for a limited vision of yourself. You will now see your highest potential and what you can accomplish.

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