* The MUSE Mastermind

Connect to the power, mystique, and feminine creativity that dwells inside you.


Own every room you want into, create your reality in the exact way you desire.

Become the Muse.

Be surrounded by high-vibe, high-performers. As a tribe, we will bring each other up, to live to create a life, connect to your higher power, and remove the dense energy, and thought patterns that have been in the way of your infinite potential.

Are you the person in your life that is ALWAYS giving advice, but you find it hard to find others who can give you help and advice to get to the next level?

Are you feeling lonely in your life or business. No one quite gets why you're so driven, focused, and want more out of life and yourself?

Are you wanting to tap into your deep inner power and energy, discover more about the divine force you really are, and use your power to do good in the world and live an abundant life?

Are you aware that you're a reflection of the people who you spend the most time with in life, and you're ready to be surrounded by only the best in their industry?

This is the mastermind you've been looking for...

Connect to your soul-tribe and understand the magic that is already inside of you.

Gain Rituals and Routines of The Muse

Create beautiful daily routines of journalling, scripting, meditation, energy healing, and much more. Honour yourself and watch your power elevate.

Allow Your Heart and Soul To Feel Free

Learn how to use your intuition as your guidance system, and allow your higher self to work through you- allowing you to channel and emit an energy like no other.

Discover Your Subconscious Strengths and Love Who You Are

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Tap Into A Higher Connection

Find a deeper connection with yourself, look inward for validation, and connect with high-performers like you who will push you to the next level.

This is a mastermind about you. This is not a mastermind about business.

Because when you have you in alignment, love and flow every higher desire will flow into your reality.

We can have unity in diversity and diversity in unity. We don't have to be like one another to enjoy sisterhood.”

 The muse mastermind

You would get access to weekly group coaching calls with me full of support, plus I will be supporting you in achieving your big goals, and sharing high-level strategies and knowledge on Money mindset, Manifestation, Getting the Mindset of the Muse, and MUCH more- you know I always overdeliver.

A private invitation to my Inner Circle Mastermind.


In my private mastermind, you get weekly support calls with me, and access to high-level content that I will be releasing this year:

• High level manifestation content, and reality bending course taught by me
• High level money mastery and manifestation courses where you learn how I have manifested money right out of thin air so you can do the same

If you loved the magic of this group, the miracles that happened being in this energy field, and you want to keep it going, sign up. If you have any questions about signing up, message me- I look forward to continue to be with you in creating your YES. I wanted to open up a special opportunity just for you.

What you get:

• Access to speak with me directly every single week so you get my feedback on what you have going on, my advice, spiritual teachings, motivation, and inspiration.

• Personal self-mastery, mindset, and manifestation courses so you have the complete mindset of a muse, truly believe you can do everything and anything you want, and then go ahead and make it happen

• I walk you through step-by-step how to turn your coaching program into a passive income source, and have support to help you get there

• Become the Muse you know you are, lead an inspiring life, and inspire the world around you effortlessly.

• Guest speakers on everything from productivity, to self-love, and techniques and tools to massively increase your income whether you're a business owner or working in a corporate position and you want to own your power and earn what you deserve.

I OVERDELIVER like crazy.

You also get access to my PREMIUM Coaching Program, Membership Site Muse, The YES SUPPLY Collective, full of Mindset, Personal Growth, and Business Tools, and the Manifestation, Money Mindset, and Personal Muse Mindset Program while you're a member of the Muse Mastermind.

Expect to be a completely different person a year from now. The most real, creative and full version of yourself.

Expect for life to feel completely magical. Expect for your financial situation to look completely different than it does now. Expect to have an empire you always dreamed of, and expect to have a tight-knit group of friends and besties to completely support you along the way.

You'll be supported by me in our sessions every week and we will go deep in our coaching calls to discover the real you, and help you live the life you have always dreamed of. You will have my support every step of the way.

The investment in you, working with me closely in our mastermind to create the life you dream of is $1000/month.

So if you feel the nudge to get this kind of high-level support from me, continue the kind of magic, and learn more about your subconscious mind, creating the reality you dream of, and get the coaching you need to get out of your own way and create the life and business of your dreams, hop in:

Love you,


Weekly Sessions Will Include...

Connect to your soul-tribe and understand the magic that is already inside of you.

Energy Healing Sessions

Receive energy healing sessions with Reese and spiritual guests to help you release, and elevate.

Spiritual Guidance, Learning To Tap Into Your Higher Self, and Understand How The Universe Works

Learn how to use your intuition as your guidance system, and allow your higher self to work through you- allowing you to channel and emit an energy like no other.

Sisterhood Discussions and Deeper Connection

Discuss your current level, how to choose to uplevel and stay accountable with our YES Method system to help you surpass what you realized was possible

Learn How To Own It, Love Who You Are Deeply, and Fully Thrive

We help you find your limiting beliefs, and your blind spots, so you can become fully empowered thrive, and heal deeply.

This is a mastermind about you. This is not a mastermind about business.

Because when you have you in alignment, love and flow every higher desire will flow into your reality.

This is for you if...

• You are high-potential. Taking action and staying focused comes easy to you, you just need to know what you do to stay at a high level

• You are the person in your life that everyone comes to for support. You like solving problems- maybe more for other than for yourself but that's about to change

• You know there's more to life that what meets the eye. You're obsessed with learning about spirit, how we can become more connected and intuitive in our every day and divulge in our own inner magic

• Creating wealth is high on your priority list. You know that women with money can do good in the world, and your intention is to have more of it- in the best way possible

• You want to accept and love every part of you. You know you are a goddess, you know you are powerful. You just need to learn how to fully own it and be the most ineffable whilst ethereal version of you....

• You're smart, while sass. You're strong, while sexy. You're learning to embrace and love every deliberate side of you- and you realize you can own them all.

• You know that on this earth, we are in complete control of our reality. You want to attract your desires from a feminine state of ease and receiving.

• You are making at least 70K a year, and you know you're meant to earn in the millions.

• You have no time for excuses, you like action, you like big leaps, and you want to connect with those type of people you have been searching for

Who This Is Not For....

• You find excuses, and reasons why things do not work out for you. Everything seems 'hard'.

• You have never made over $5000 in a month (If you're a new entrepreneur I invite you to join the Collective)

• You don't prioritize abundance, setting high standards, and clarity, in your mindset.

• You are the person in your life that needs opinions from everyone to make a decision.

• You do not give energy to those around you, but drain it. You're ALWAYS asking for help and advice, but you do not take action on it.

• You've never set a goal, or tried anything new. You find it hard to do what you say you're going to do.

• You feel like you never have enough time, yet you have 3 hours of shows that you must watch every week and you scroll mindlessly on Instagram.

• You are closed minded of other races, genders, abilities. We only work with people who are widely accepting and open of ALL people.

What Others Say


Reese’s ability to hold massive space and to see your highest potential allowed me to feel so inspired and confident throughout our 8 weeks together. It was an absolute delight being in her presence, witnessing her power, and basking in her energy. Her wealth of knowledge as well as her generosity was truly impressive to experience and really solidified her as an expert in personal development. Reese has tried it all and very selflessly shares all that she has learned for the benefit of others in the hope that it will inspire them to embark on their own journey to personal healing and self discovery. The overall experience was breathtaking and one that I look back upon with fierce love and gratitude. I would highly recommend working with Reese in any capacity that you can - just to be in her energy is fuel enough to go after your dreams with fierce abandon - knowing that you will be supported and guided throughout the process.

Elizabeth Vandermey

Mindset Coach


You were amazing and made me feel at ease immediately.  You were so insightful and allowed me to feel my own moments and walked me through each step of my journey and how I could make my life mine.

I realized my past doesn't dictate my future and we cannot be held prisoner to our past.  Mistakes are made, and not that they should be excused, but a lesson learned from them.  The other realization that I had was no one can make me feel any one way.  We are in control of how we feel and to only let he positive in and trash the negative.

You are on your way to becoming one of the best mindset coaches and I so believe in your ability; when I said your coaching is better than my Tony Robbins coach, I meant it!

Thank you for everything.

Sandy Papavero

Executive Coach


She makes it clear that working on you is the priority for building your tribe. It's not just about putting strategies in place; it's about becoming the highest version of yourself so that the right clients will show up instantly. Reese shows you that you don't have to chase down people to buy your services or products. This is an effortless task. She shows you how to have fun doing this, while helping people and hitting your income goals.

Jasmine Thomas
Business and Mindset Coach

Are you ready to Elevate?

Commit to a year of massive elevation, illumination, love, and guidance.

Reese Evans


I'm a Master Life and Success Coach, NLP Practitioner and Personal Development Influencer, helping high-potential people like you tap into your inner power and create your YES.

I believe that we only live this life once (until we move on to the next one) , so why not make your life your masterpiece, and become the muse you always knew is inside of you. 

Ready to illuminate?

Are you the right fit?

Applications are open for a limited time now.

Apply Now

It is $100 to apply for the Muse Mastermind to work with Reese (we only like to work with people who mean it, fully) after you go through the application process we let you know if you are approved. If you complete your application but you are not approved, you receive a full refund of your deposit. Once you are accepted, the ongoing investment is $1000/month with a minimum one-year commitment.

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