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Welcome to Good Morning Muse: Building Your Habits For Productivity

“If you want to be in shape, you exercise regularly. If you want to be clean, you shower everyday. And if you want to be at your best mentally and emotionally, you will work on yourself every day.”

We know it takes 21 days to form a new habit.

The reason is that when you change your habits to support the success you want, your brain is able to form new neural pathways and make it easier to commit and sustain this change.

My life changed a few years ago when I was in the rut of all ruts, I hated my job, I felt stuck and trapped in the life I created, and I had zero self-love. I never felt good enough. Looking back now, I realized that my ‘not feeling good enough’ was a projection and reflection of how I was living my life and my perception of my reality.

My apartment wasn’t ‘good enough’ my clothes, my looks, everything….I was too busy comparing myself to what I saw on instagram to feel grateful for what was going on in my own life.

But when I shifted my morning routine, and started looking at what I did have everything changed. Suddenly I saw all the natural gifts that I do have, and found a way to turn that into a life and business I’m obsessed with.

Over the next month, you’ll get access to some of my favorite resources that will help you shift the way you look at yourself, open yourself up to new and exciting opportunities and this month is all about being your most productive self.

Expecting your world to change without making any internal changes is a thing of the past. We now know that your outer world is a direct reflection of your inner world.

Dedicate 15-20 minutes to yourself every day, and follow the exercises in the emails you receive, to see huge differences in your emotions, physiology, and the opportunities you can create for yourself.

Dedicate this time to yourself, treat yourself like the goddess you are and put your mindset and the way you look at yourself as a high priority- make it happen.

Day 1: Set Your Intention for the Month and Visualize

“Busyness is not a reason for not getting other things done. It is an excuse for not claiming your true priorities.”  ― Alan Cohen

Your YES Challenge

This month, your focus is to BOOST your productivity.

Set your intention for this month. Grab your journal, and commit to your changes.

What is your idea of your most productive self?

How will you plan your day?

What do you want to do more of every day?

What do you want to do less of?

How do you want to feel every day?

How do you want to feel at the end of every day when you have accomplished the priorities on your list?

How much time will you dedicate to planning, and organizing?

Make a verbal commitment to yourself that you will do what it takes to get your important work out into the world.

Your Daily Mantra

I am organized and on top of everything in my life.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 2: Muscle Testing Your Current Beliefs

“While others were dreaming about it – I was getting it done.” ― Nathan W. Morris

Your YES Challenge

If you’re doing affirmations, journaling, every single day, yet you’re finding your habits haven’t yet shifted, or you can’t seem to kick that thing that allows you to keep self-sabotaging, it’s time to talk to your subconscious mind and find out what your TRUE deep-down beliefs are.

Your subconscious mind holds the key to what your real beliefs are, and one of the best ways to determine what they are is through muscle testing.

Your body has natural energy (or electrical) systems running through it at every moment.

You can use these systems to test your subconscious beliefs that you might not be aware of.

Even if you think you have switched a subconscious belief, you may have not and muscle testing is a great way to get to the root of it.

If you say a belief that is a truth to you (like, for example, that you are the age you are) The neurons don’t change when it’s something you believe.

When you say something you no longer believe, or is a lie to you, (like, for example you are 10 years old)  it’s something you don’t believe, so your brain short-circuits in a way, and sends your body in a backwards direction. It’s almost as if you fall for a brief moment.

Once you calibrate to know how you body responds to certain statements, you can muscle test to see your deep-down beliefs.

Learn the muscle testing technique in the attached video, and use it to test these beliefs:

  • I believe that my time is valuable
  • I am allowed to prioritize my time around my own needs
  • I believe that the work I do can change lives
  • I believe that I can be 100% successful
  • I believe that I can achieve my money goals
  • I am worthy
  • I can handle the tasks in my life


Every time you have a thought, your mind sends an electrical current through your body. You can use this, in a method called “Muscle testing” to get clarity on which direction your subconscious mind (your most powerful tool) is currently pushing you.

Your Daily Mantra

I am organized and on top of everything in my life.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 3: Finding Your Own Reasons for Being More Productive

“Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored.” – Earl Nightingale

Your YES Challenge

Your whole life, you may have been told that everything that happens to you is a coincidence and that you are at the effect of your environment.

But that is untrue. The truth is. You create your environment, and when you listen, you can get insight into what you’re meant to do next.

Write the answer in your journal:

Go inside, and ask yourself, what would be the benefit to you if you were more productive?

Also, ask yourself, what is the benefit of owning your time and value?

What would be the benefit and impact on the world and others if you embrace your gifts and made the most of your spare time?

Meditate and reflect on this during your week. Let go of areas where you waste time or procrastinate, you’re meant to change the world and shine your brightest light. The best decisions I’ve made in my life have always been the scariest ones.

Your Daily Mantra

My time is valuable and I spend it on the things that matter most to me.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 4: Morning Meditation

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” ― Mother Teresa

Your YES Challenge

So many of us have limiting beliefs around our time. We don’t realize that it’s the most important thing we have, and a simple shift in how we choose to spend our time can have a lasting impression in our lives.

Tune into this 22 minute meditation that will help you remove limiting beliefs around the importance of your time, and the impression YOU and your LIGHT can have in the world, and replace them with empowering beliefs that support you absolutely crushing your goals.

Your Daily Mantra

My time is the most valuable thing I have and I make the most of every moment.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 5: Gratitude List

“Gratitude turns out what we have into enough.” ― Melody Beattie

Your YES Challenge

Grab your journal and write a gratitude list. You should be SO SO proud of yourself for the work you’ve put in this week.

Also, whatever vibrations you are putting out, you create into your future. Meaning if you are in the vibration of having ‘more than enough’ and feeling grateful, you will attract more of this into your life.

Once you get started, you may notice you have so many things going for you, and so many opportunities at your fingertips once you move into a place of gratefulness.

Journal out what you are grateful for today.

Your Daily Mantra

My time is the most valuable thing I have and I make the most of every moment.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 6: Good Morning Beautiful Challenge

Your YES Challenge

This month we’re talking about the power of your precious time, but it’s hard to value it when you don’t even realize how much you have!

Often, if you do not set a deadline, you’ll take longer on tasks, you’ll keep perfecting, prodding, fixing, and re-working.

How I combat this? If I have multiple things I want to get done during the day, I add them into my calendar, and I set mini-deadlines for myself during the day. I estimate how long it would take to get the task done and then I challenge myself to get the task complete by that time- otherwise, I may spend 4 hours on something that should only take me 40 minutes.

While working on a task, I aim to have a laser focus, stay on track instead of jumping from one thing to another.

By doing this, I’m able to see where I’m spending my time, and I challenge myself to spend my time on the things that matter, not letting distractions, or constantly switching tasks distract me.

What do you have to get done today? Can you estimate how long it should take and then schedule it into your day with deadlines (and of course breaks) to help you make the most of your productivity?

Write the answer in your journal:

Your Daily Mantra

My time is the most valuable thing I have and I make the most of every moment.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 7: Visualization

Your YES Challenge

Visualization is a successful way to manifest your desires and create a clear vision for the future you want to create.

I’m a true believer that your mind is an ‘image making machine’ and that with those images, you can use them to imprint the idea of what you want into the metaphysical world, which plants a seed in the physical plain, and when you wait through the gestation serious (and take inspired action) your wishes will manifest into your reality.

For today’s exercise, we’re going to take you through a guided visualization of your perfect day.

To start off, grab your journal, and map out what your perfect day looks like.​

Your Daily Mantra

My time is valuable, and I am allowed to prioritize myself and my needs.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 8: Guided Hypnosis For Boosted Productivity + Energy

Your YES Challenge

In today’s Good Morning Beautiful, I’m bringing you something that I’m REALLY excited about.

A guided hypnosis, where I’ll help you shift within your subconscious mind to help you set big goals, know you can achieve them, and become more of an action taker!

I’ve recently become a Clinical Hypnotherapist and it’s one of the BEST tools to completely shift your life

I’ve seen massive shifts in my one-on-one clients with these tools, in everything from completely shifting their relationship with money, to quitting smoking in one go. Cray!

Win-win right?

This IS a hypnosis, and of course, it puts you in a sleepy mood, so please do not do this when you are driving, or in ANY situation where you need to be alert and aware. So do this within the safety of your home if you choose to listen to this audio.

By moving forward watching this, you’re agreeing you will listen in responsibly and only move forward if you are comfortable.

I’m so excited for you to go into this hypnosis and create massive shifts in your productivity.

Your Daily Mantra

My time is valuable, and I am allowed to prioritize myself and my needs.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 9: Morning (And Evening) Affirmations

Your YES Challenge

While there are so many ways to shift your life, and see yourself, the first way I did it was through constant repetition using affirmations.

See, before I created my morning routine that you’re reading here today, this WAS my morning ritual.

I used to start my day in a negative space, until I decided to change my affirmations in the morning from “I hate my hair” and “I have nothing to wear” to “I have more than enough” and “I love how I look”

Within weeks, it has submerged itself into my subconscious mind, and I was reverting to being my own best friend, and being kind to myself instead of constantly beating myself up.

I had to share it with the world, and that’s where  good morning beautiful was born.

It’s in the morning and night when your mind is the most open to whatever you suggest to it. Meaning, the LAST thing you want to do is scroll social media as soon as you wake up, or right before you go to bed. Your subconscious mind will take whatever you feed it right at that time, so feed it brain food.

Listen to these mantras morning and night before you go to bed and if you continue enough, you will see successful shift in the way you think:

Your Daily Mantra

My time is valuable, and I am allowed to prioritize myself and my needs.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 10: Declutter

“Clutter is the physical manifestation of unmade decisions fueled by procrastination” ― Christina Scalise

Your YES Challenge

Your environment is a direct reflection of what is going on in your mind. If your workspace, or home is messy, I’m willing to bet that your thoughts are unorganized and you feel a little all over the place.

Your inner world is a direct reflection of your outer world.


Spend 20 minutes today decluttering one area of your space.

Maybe it is your workspace, your bathroom, your kitchen.

Whatever it is, dedicate that time to make your external space feel AMAZING. Clean and clear out whatever is not serving you.

Throw away anything that you no longer use, as these things can create a dense energy and block energy for the things you want to create.

You’ll feel so much better when the junk that’s taking up your precious space is out of your energy field.

Anything you can donate or give away, do so.

When you create this energy of giving away, you will get it back 5x over.

You’ll feel more rich, successful, and put-together when you’re in an airy space.

Your Daily Mantra

I take the time to create the things that are meaningful for me.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 11: Forgiveness Practice- Let Go Of What’s Not Serving You

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” ― Willie Nelson

Your YES Challenge

Today, Work on letting go of guilt and shame, the two lowest vibrations.

If you’ve watched my videos and live streams, you know I talk A LOT about energy. I believe that when you let go of guilt and shame you open yourself up to so much receiving from the universe.

For a long time, I held on to situations and hurts that held me back. But when I learned how to let go of the emotions attached to them, I freed up my energy, and so much more love, abundance, and light flowed. This greatly impacted my productivity to, as I worked with an inspired energy and get more done just cause I LOVE so much what I do.

If you’re feeling like you’re holding onto dense energy, it’s likely that you need to forgive something or someone.

Reflect on these times, and journal them out as you go:

Think about someone or something you need to forgive

Think about a situation you need to forgive

Think about something about you that you need to forgive

Think about the situation/person/ thing and remember how you felt when it happened. Stir up the emotions if you need to so that it’s real in your mind.

When you think about it, say to the situation: I forgive you, I love you, I’m sorry.

Think about what you have learned, gained, or experienced from the situation.

In many cases this allows you to let go of the situation and move on.

However, you may have a residue of guilt, shame or embarrassment.

What I did to remove this was to talk about it. I shared with some of my friends my deepest darkest secrets. The ones I had been holding onto, and secretly fearing that people would judge me or cast me away because of it.

But instead the opposite happened, when I let go and let it out into the open, my friends and family, they accepted me, loved me, supported me, and they even had their own dark secrets to share.

So often people hold onto their shit, thinking that they are all alone in their struggle. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. We all have our shit, and when we can be real about it, we bond and get closer. We remove the mask and the fake, and we become the real us.

Make a commitment to leave it behind. With your new lightness, and the new space you have created, more joy, opportunities and even money can come into your awareness.

Your Daily Mantra

I have incredible focus and determination.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 12: Free Writing

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ― Maya Angelou​

Your YES Challenge

Ever feel like you have a thousand ideas on a ton of different topics marching around you brain, but you can’t seem to organize them and you’re feeling frazzled?

Free writing can help. Free writing is an exercise where you allow your pen to be connected to your soul and you just let whatever comes out, come out.

I honestly feel like free writing is art. It’s such a natural expression, as you give yourself space to create without expectation.

When I free write, the outcome is always better than expected.

When I look down at the paper, I usually end up with a message that I needed to receive, an opportunity to express some pent up energy, or an idea that can make my life and business better.

Grab your notebook and set your timer for 5 minutes. Freely write or doodle whatever comes to mind. Do not stop to edit or fix- let the magic happen.

Let the healing happen.

Your Daily Mantra

I focus on ME. My thoughts and personal inspiration are important and valuable.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 13: Schedule Out Your Day- Especially The Things That You Know You Need To Do

“One always has time enough, if one will apply it well.” ― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Your YES Challenge

Is there something that you KNOW you need to do, but you keep putting it off?

Maybe it’s emailing your list? Maybe it’s reaching out to a partner you want to work with? Maybe it’s doing that live stream? Maybe it’s doing that project you’ve always wanted to do.


Look, you can keep waiting, researching, hoping, and wondering when the perfect time will show up, OR YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Make it happen, and expect the best case scenario.

Whatever you expect, is what will come into your life.

So expect that you just do it, and know that what you want OR something even better will appear.

Think about the top 3 things you’ve been wanting to do, but may have put off.

Look at your schedule for the week and SCHEDULE them in. Set an alert if you need to, and when that time comes up, have no excuses, turn off distractions and make it happen.

Lately I have been scheduling everything into my calendar from when I go to the gym to client calls, and when I work on specific projects and my productivity has been insane.

I’ve eliminated the decision making, the hemming and hawing and jumped right into the doing and it feels AMAZING.

When you get past your resistance, you will feel amazing!

Your Daily Mantra

Nothing is an obstacle for me, I push through to my goals and desired outcomes.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 14: Raise Your Vibration

“We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” ― Buddha

Your YES Challenge

I talk about the law of vibration (a huge component of manifesting) A LOT. Because I think it’s important that every single person realize that like attracts like, and whatever you are putting out, you are going to get back to you tenfold.

Meaning if you are high-vibe, and feeling emotions that bring you to the level of vibration of 500 or more, you will be able to positively affect others around you, and of course attract other things that are high-vibe (like amazing people, opportunities and yes, more money)

Think of your emotions like a thermostat of how aligned you are in your life- the better you feel, the more you are on track for amazing things to go your way.

The best part is, you are 100% in control of your emotions. No one can ‘make’ you feel some type of way. There are always things you can do to bring your vibration up to 500+ whenever you need to. I’m sharing one of my favourite ways to stay high-vibe. Try it today:


If you want to increase your vibration, do a big beautiful smile.

Yep, it’s that easy. Not only do your emotions affect your physiology, it works backwards too!

Smile while showing all of your teeth. The way you contract your face, when you do this, you set off muscles in your face that tell your brain you’re happy, and if you can hold this smile for 16 seconds plus, your mood will shift entirely.

It only takes 16 seconds to shift your mood, so keep this tip in your back pocket and shift your emotions as needed to help you get into the state you need to make the things you want in your life come together!

Now Smile and go enjoy your HIGH VIBE day, gal.​

Your Daily Mantra

I take the time to create the things that are meaningful for me.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 15: Tapping

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” ― Oprah Winfrey

Your YES Challenge

Tapping, also known as “Emotional Freedom Techniques”  is a really great way to get the energy in your body flowing, and get unstuck from any negative emotions that are stopping you from taking action, or manifesting what you want.

Today we’re going to tap on any feelings  of overwhelm or ‘stuckness’

It’s these feelings that keep us in the same place, and keep us from moving forward and creating the big massive bits of action that will help us make the impact we’re meant to make. When your energy is not flowing, you will find that not many things in your life have movement.

Energy Freedom Techniques (also known as Tapping) help you get the energy flowing in your bodies by tapping on the electrical meridians in your body.

You can tap on any issue you are currently feeling to let go of the negative energies you are feeling around them, and so, help you spring into action.

Grab a glass of water, and get the lowdown on tapping while spending 20 minutes getting into your highest vibe ever by making the energy in your body flow.

Your Daily Mantra


Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 16: Emotional Check In

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart” ― Helen Keller

Your YES Challenge

Your emotions at every moment are programming your future. How are you staying high vibe? How are you matching the vibration of what you want?

Write the answer in your journal:

Write how you most want to feel in life.

Are you currently feeling like it’s real? If not, what can you do to raise your vibe so you match that vibration?

Write a list of 5 things that make you feel the most high-vibe.

How can you add that to your life even more to make sure you’re living your most high vibe.

Even when you work, your life is not meant to be a struggle. It’s meant to make you feel ALIVE.

Write out which things are making you feel low vibe? Are you doing these things too often?

When you have too many things on your plate that you don’t feel like doing this can lead to procrastination and majorly slowing down your productivity.

What habits are you constantly doing that you could take off of your plate?

How can you remove them from your life by shifting the situation, removing yourself from the situation, delegating, or automating if possible?

Your Daily Mantra

I take the time to create the things that are meaningful for me.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 17: Track The Time Spent In Your Day

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” ― Mother Teresa

Your YES Challenge

Feel like you’re spending so much time on social, but you don’t know how to stop?

Moment is a great app for iphone, that you can download and use it to track how much time you are spending in each and every one of your app.

Yes, it can be scary when you realize that you somehow spent 3 hours yesterday in instagram (been there) but the truth shall set you free, and when you know where your time is going, you can make smart adjustments to shift where it’s going.

I also love the app, Kill News Feed for your desktop that helps you stay away from the facebook news feed. Give these apps a try and see your productivity skyrocket.

Your Daily Mantra

I take the time to create the things that are meaningful for me.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 18: Treat Yourself

“The point of power is always in the present moment.”  Louise Hay

Your YES Challenge

Self love and self care is essential in creating the life you desire. We have been programmed to look outside ourselves for support, love and validation, but that couldn’t be further than what you need to be successful and fulfilled.

Take some time for you! Grab your phone and schedule in some time to make YOU feel good. Is that making a nail appointment? Booking in a massage? Lighting a candle and grabbing your favorite book and sitting in the tub. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to feel LUXE. As long as it feels good to you.

When you put YOU first, the universe responds, and puts you first too.

Guess what- the people around you will see your new energy of self-love and there will be *something* about you that makes people fall in love with you too.

Love yourself, and the world will match your vibe and love you SO SO SO much too. Love you. Be your own best friend. It makes ZERO sense to put your all into loving everyone else, and have zero love for you.

Do you, girl.

Your Daily Mantra

I take the time to create the things that are meaningful for me.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 19: Future Gratitude Now List

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” ― Mother Teresa

Your YES Challenge

This is a bit of a spin on your usual gratitude list.

What you do is you think of the thing you want to have. A successful business? A supportive group of friends?

Start to feel the happiness and positive feelings that you would have if you already had it. Feel like you already possess those things and visualize you having it.

Express your gratitude for having that thing and believe it’s yours and those amazing things will manifest into your life.

By practicing gratitude for them, and feeling like you already have them, they will manifest even quicker into your life!

Have fun creating a vision for what you want, and then bringing it into your reality.

I am so happy and grateful that I have _____________________.

I am so happy and grateful that I have  _____________________.

Your Daily Mantra

I take the time to create the things that are meaningful for me.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 20: Measuring Your Results

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” ― Bruce Lee

Your YES Challenge

Girl, it’s almost the end of Month! WOW.

Have you been keeping up with your morning routines and exercises?

Are you feeling like you are more productive, and practicing self-love more than when you started the month?  Remember, there is no failure, only feedback.

I’m sure there was times in your life where you felt oh-so-powerful, and some where things didn’t feel great.

That doesn’t mean that you have to give up!

It means you measure, and you TWEAK. There is no such thing as failure, and every setback can sling you forward into further success.

Successful people are learning from their experience, seeing what they can shift, and as long as you keep moving forward and learning along the way, it will always get easier and easier.

At every moment in your life, ask “What can I learn from this?” “Where I’m at cause for what is happening to me, and how can I change?”

Grab your journal, be real with YOU and measure out what has worked for you, what hasn’t and where you want to make changes!

There’s only opportunities ahead for you.

Your Daily Mantra

I am in charge of my time. There is always enough for me.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

Day 21: Morning Meditation

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – Francis Of Assisi

Your YES Challenge

Recap on the past month:

When you put work in to make massive changes in your life, you start to see major shifts.

How do you think you’ve changed after a month of ____________________?

What major shifts have you seen in your _______________________?

How have you changed emotionally?

How have you changed in your business?

How have you changed in your relationships?

See incredible results? I want to hear about it babe! Tag me on instagram/ twitter/ and Facebook at @yessupply and we will cheer you on and give you a shout out. Or send me an email at I’d love to hear from you.

Your Daily Mantra

I take the time to create the things that are meaningful for me.

Set Your YES Intention For The Day

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