Trainers Training Masterclass

How to Launch Your
Successful Certification Business!

Have you ever dreamed of having your own coaching certification? Do you have a unique way of doing things and you want to teach others? Want to speak on stages and teach people how to succeed?

This is the business I’ve fallen in love with leading, and I’ve helped hundreds of people receive their certification for coaching and mindset reprogramming techniques.

In this FREE Masterclass, I’m going to share my never-before-shared strategies for selling out my programs, teaching hundreds of people in my certification and create a scalable business while improving leaders in the world.

✓ How to step into the CEO identity of a Business Owner and Founder of a Coaching Certification company.
✓ How I pre-sold six-figures in certifications before creating the training content!
✓ How Coaching Certifications are in high-demand, and this is the perfect time to create a certification training business
✓ How I prepare for my upcoming live training events, planning secrets, and cultivating an exciting experience.

When is it happening?

Join us for this free LIVE MASTERCLASS on November 20th at 6 PM (EST).
Put it in your calendar and join me!

About Your Host

Reese is the Founder of YES SUPPLY INC. and the creator of the YES SUPPLY METHOD. She has trained hundreds of coaches, healers and personal development influencers with a world-wide reach.

She is from Canada, she loves Asparagus, crystals, and fiddle leaf trees. She could discuss the metaphysical and quantum physics all day. Her mission is to teach the world that the more we think of the impossible, the more it becomes possible.

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