The Root Chakra • The 1st Chakra

Color: Red

Location: Base of the spine

What does it do? The root chakra is the root or foundation of our lives. It helps us feel like we are completely and totally supported. It means we are grounded. It keeps us feeling secure. When it is balanced for us, we just into the life of our dreams. We make decisions based from love instead of fear. We know we can take a leap and the universe will support us.

It needs work when: You are feeling unsafe. You’re not making the decisions you know will lead to a great good like making an investment in a certification you want, or launching your dream business because of fear.

You operate in scarcity, lack, and feel like you are all alone. You may even be greedy, or manipulative. You do not recognize that when you leap, the universe will catch you

Based on what you learnt, which of your chakras do you feel is doing well, and which ones do you see yourself working on during your time in this training?

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