The Solar Plexus Chakra • The 3rd Chakra

Color: Yellow

Location: Centre of the chest

What does it do? When this energy is balanced, we have a strong sense of self, identity and who we are. We see everyone as equal with their own ways to contribute. We are all from one source. We give love freely and accept love too

It needs work when: You don’t feel like you know who you are. You feel lost. You look to others for a sense of identity, and are constantly seeking role models instead of owning the power and strong identity within you. It can also show up as too much ego, focus on gaining power. If you either want to control others, or find yourself to be controlled by others, there is work to be done. Most people have an imbalance here because of how we are programmed to look outwards for the right way to be in the world.

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